Register for trial access to GreenDesk for Green Star Design & As Built

For a limited time only GreenSoft is offering trial access to GreenDesk® for Green Star® Design & As Built to approved customers and members of the green building industries.
The trial offers full access for 4 weeks to rich interactive GreenDesk® web worksheets for completing Credit Submissions Forms for selected materials-related credits, access to demonstration projects with pre-populated building project worksheet data examples, and preview access to project management features such as role-based task allocation.
Optional: supplying a phone number contact makes it easier for us to assist you if you have any issues with the trial or feedback.
Please use between 6 to 12 characters or numbers (no punctuation). Additional trial user logins (with different access roles) may be issued on request. A password will be generated for you and emailed to you along with login details.
Credits of interest
Please select one or more credit topics of interest. The trial only offers worksheets for selected materials-related credits.
Optional: any other comments or feedback on why you are interested in the trial.
PRIVACY: GreenDesk® collects form data only for the purposes of this registration. Registration data is not distributed to third parties.
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