GreenBase®: a green resources portal web site for all green schemes world-wide

GreenSoft is developing a powerful new green resources portal web site called GreenBase for presenting information on world-wide green building schemes, green standards, documentation, data, and credit revisions as highly structured relational online content, with powerful database query reports and keyword search facilities.

GreenBase value-adds; by collating and tracking information using world-leading Content Management System (CMS) technologies, it makes information available to all participants in green building projects in the most convenient ways, according to your needs and interests.

GreenBase is not yet open to the WWW public, but it is launching soon here !

In the meantime you can get can get a sneak peak at the features of the GreenBase resources web site as it relates to GBCA Green Star at our upcoming seminar. Please register to attend here, it's free and easy: