GreenSoft offers Model-Based Systems Engineering with SysML

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) integrates requirements engineering, systems models, data schema and metadata models, hierarchical block models, signal & physical flow models, process models, functional descriptions, state machines, constraint mathematics, human resource task allocation, and business process models into a unified graphical modelling platform. MBSE tools also serve as a hub for integrating external documentation into systems engineering layers. MBSE project models aim to act as a Single Source of Truth across an entire organisation.

The future of modern MBSE is the Systems Modeling Language (SysML) – under development since 2001 by the Object Management Group (OMG) – which is now being rapidly adopted for projects in aerospace, electrical & mechanical engineering, automotive, robotics, space science, manufacturing, and building and construction.

GreenSoft is now offering advanced consultancy services in Model-Based Systems Engineering with SysML in partnership with Dr Darren Kelly’s Webel IT Australia. A former physicist and scientific instrument scientist, Dr Kelly is an active member of the specification body for the OMG’s SysML language, and is an internationally recognized educator and promoter of OMG technologies for MBSE and graphical systems & software engineering.

The world’s most powerful software application tool for MBSE is Cameo Systems Modeler – a software product bundle leveraging the MagicDraw SysML Plugin – developed by CATIA No Magic (now acquired by engineering giants Dassault Systèmes). As previous consulting Expert Advisor for Science, Engineering and Education, Dr Kelly helped develop the MagicDraw SysML Plugin, and is one of the world’s best known MagicDraw/Cameo tool enthusiasts.

The Cameo Simulation Toolkit plugin for MagicDraw/Cameo enables in-tool simulation of SysML StateMachines and SysML Activities (including active process flow charts). It also enables integration of the MagicDraw/SysML tools with powerful external computation systems such as Wolfram Mathematica via the SysML Parametric Diagram constraint mathematics system, which can be used, for example, for trade-off studies based on SysML models.

Increasingly, projects adopting MBSE with SysML also need to integrate project models with existing engineering models that employ simulation languages such as Modelica and Simulink/Simscape/Stateflow, which enjoy large user communities and 3rd-party component library support across many industries. Through the OMG’s SysML Physical Interaction and Signal Flow Simulation (SysPhS) language extension it is now possible and practical to integrate SysML-based MBSE models with Modelica and Simulink models and their supporting tools, to execute complex, industrial-strength, time-dependent simulations. This also helps reduce the need for low-level coding!

Case Study: Building on our experience applying SysML to encapsulation of green rating schemes for buildings, GreenSoft was engaged in 2019/2020 by Lendlease Digital Delivery to help introduce MBSE with SysML for modelling and digital encapsulation of building and construction projects. The project employed the SysML Parsing Analysis recipe developed by Dr Kelly for mapping text from domain source documents into SysML/MBSE models.

Digital Twins and Model-Based Systems Engineering with SysML

GreenSoft is now promoting R&D into applications of MBSE with SysML to Digital Twin technology and the Internet of Things (IoT). A Digital Twin employs a Digital Entity (virtual entity) that corresponds closely with – and is typically tightly synchronised with – a Physical Entity (a real-world asset) throughout its lifetime. Digital Twins may be used to create new physical assets (such as buildings or manufactured products) from a Digital Twin Prototype (a virtual design and process template), or they may be created (acquired) from existing physical assets. The synchronisation of a Digital Entity with its corresponding “twinned” Physical Entity occurs via sensors and actuators, increasingly integrated with the IoT. Digital Twins are also used for optimization and impact analysis using virtual Digital Variants.

GreenSoft has previously employed aspects of MBSE with SysML (alongside graphical software engineering with the OMG’s Unified Modeling Language) to develop GreenDesk®, a powerful Enterprise Web Application for tracking and preparing applications for environmental rating certification schemes and industry standards certification schemes, deployable as Software as a Service (SaaS). The GreenDesk® platform is adaptable to many criteria-tracking tasks.

You give us input documents, we give you SysML models for Model-Based Systems Engineering (then more)

Our MBSE consultancy process starts by mapping your domain source documents and descriptions of your systems, requirements, and processes into robust graphical SysML models using the SysML Parsing Analysis recipe. Experience how modern SysML tools can integrate nearly every aspect of your projects into consistent systems engineering layers!

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