GreenSoft offers Model-Based Systems Engineering with SysML

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) integrates requirements engineering, systems models, data schema and metadata models, hierarchical block models, signal & physical flow models, process models, functional descriptions, state machines, constraint mathematics, human resource task allocation, and business process models into a unified graphical modelling platform. MBSE tools also serve as a hub for integrating external documentation into systems engineering layers. MBSE project models aim to act as a Single Source of Truth across an entire organisation.

GreenDesk® for Green Star® Design and As Built

GreenSoft is developing a version of the GreenDesk® web application for Green Star® Design & As Built:
The Green Star® scheme of the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) is an environmental rating scheme that evaluates the environmental design and construction of buildings and communities. Green Star® Design & As Built is a version of Green Star® for design and construction of buildings in Australia.

GreenDesk® for Green Star® Design & As Built helps track all necessary building components ("blocks"), construction and engineering quantities, materials data, building services data, management data, site and environment data, the documentation required for compliance, and the activities of human resources that contribute towards satisfying each credit in Green Star® Design & As Built.

About Us

GreenSoft was founded in Sydney, Australia in 2010 to develop Enterprise Web Applications and Information Systems that help users to:

  • Track environmental aspects of complex construction, engineering, and industrial projects.
  • Apply for and obtain environmental certifications and meet industry regulations, codes, and standards.
Our flagship product is GreenDesk® for Green Star® Design & As Built, which is now available for a limited-time-only FREE TRIAL. Please register here.

At the core of GreenSoft software products is the ability to track the data and documentation required to meet the precise requirements of environmental rating schemes, certifications, industry standards, regulations, and codes, by combining document-driven domain analysis with advanced information technologies such as object database management systems, graphical systems engineering, expert system strategies, and the latest enterprise web technology with rich interactive web interfaces.